Directed by Pierre Davy
Produced by Things Film
Casting : Clara Botte, Sabrina Ould Hammouda & Ludovic Charles
Casting director : Luce Nordmann
Extras : Francesco Antinoro & Eric La Barbera

Management : Romain Cloiseau / Unity Group
Line producer : Aude Mazas
Location manager : Fabio Amato & Gaetano Ruvolo
1st assistant director : Mathieu Perez
Director of photography : Clement Arenou
1st assistant camera : Robin Philippon
Steadicamer : Valentin Clarke
Chief electrician : Thibault Danjou
Set designer : Sebastien Casanova
Make-up artist : Eliana Mirotta
Stylist : Rita Kashayeva
Postproduction : Paume. / Tuan Ho & Bissane Kim
Grading : Keep Gradin / Florian Martiny
Special Thanks to Tuan Ho and Fabio Amato, Lillo Firetto, Lorenzo Rosso, Suburb of San Michele de Agrigente, ASTY / Mathieu Perez, SKINTONES et RVZ / Mai Aghababian & Fiona Madaoui, Turtle Max, Paume, Florian Martiny and all team!
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